Get ready to embark on a personal journey as you prepare for your boudoir session. This blog is all about self-care, confidence and embracing your inner beauty as you discover the transformative powers of Boudoir.

Let’s start with the fun stuff! Boudoir Outfits! I know you’re probably thinking this is going to be the least thing from fun that I can think of, right? Well, you’re wrong! This is the part where your personality can shine and you can experiment with new looks that push you out of your comfort zone and let you see yourself like the goddess you are. You can be as dressed or undressed as you want. Whether you pick jeans and a t-shirt, a spicy lingerie set or your birthday suit, this is your moment to shine! Feel free to bring any pieces that are of sentimental value to you as well whether its your favorite sweater, your significant other’s button down or your own uniform, I want your session to be the truest reflection of you! Feel like you’re hung up on a piece? shoot me a message and I’ll help you through it! If you’re looking for ideas, check out my blog on my Top Boudoir Outfit Ideas.

attractive woman laying on the floor of a boudoir studio in a bondage harness during her boudoir photoshoot.

But, it’s not just about the external preparations, your inner glow is just as important. Its important that you feel amazing on the inside so you radiate on the outside. These are some good tips for life as well as boudoir! First and most important is hydration. In the days leading up to your boudoir photo session, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. It’s important in maintaining radiant skin and hair as well as leaving you feeling refreshed and vibrant. Drinking plenty of water also helps your liver and kidneys filter out toxins in your body and improves your overall wellbeing!

Up next, you guessed it. Sleep. In the couple days leading up to your shoot, it is important to prioritize a good night’s rest (or day’s rest if you’re a 3rd shifter). Think about it as your natural battery charger which will help you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. It’s important to establish a calming bedtime routine, indulge in relaxation techniques and to create a peaceful environment that promotes restful sleep. Now lets talk about fueling your body.

detail shot of a woman during her boudoir photography session in syracuse ny

Prioritizing a diet that is healthy and balanced is important not just for your boudoir session, but also for your life! Regarding your photoshoot, it’s important to avoid foods that make you feel lethargic and bloated (for me its dairy). Its important to know and understand your dietary triggers so on the day of your shoot you feel energized and comfortable. Regarding life, a balanced diet with all the good things in moderation is essential to feeling good all day, every day.

Make self-care a priority. you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you’re not caring for yourself, you are less able to care for those around you. Its important for you to take some time for yourself to indulge in activities that nurture your mind, body and spirit. This can be so many different things and it doesn’t have to be luxurious! I’ve created a whole other post on SELF CARE TIPS, you should check it out!

Now that you’ve followed all the tips, you’re ready to jump into the spotlight and celebrate the incredible person that you are! Your boudoir session awaits and you are more than ready to embrace it with open arms! I can’t wait to see you!

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