The Syracuse Boudoir Experience

This is NOT your mother’s Glamor Shots. This is your chance to shine like the star you are. This is your chance to see yourself in a completely different light and celebrate your body and your beauty. This is Boudoir.

“I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beautiful and started being my own” -Remington Miller

Feeling a bit nervous? A Boudoir Photoshoot is totally out of your comfort zone, right?

Don’t Worry,

I Got You


The Free Consultation

During the Boudoir Consultation, we will hop on a quick and laid back phone call where I will spill all the Tea. I will answer all of your questions and help ease your nerves. I want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

During the consult, I want to learn more about you too. I want to learn more about your “Why” and what piqued your interest in boudoir. Every person has a different reason, and I love hearing all the stories. Some people want to do a boudoir session because they feel like they’ve lost touch with themselves. Others are leaving relationships and they want to get their mojo back. Some are battling cancer and want to commemorate their bodies and the strength it takes to fight that fight. Some just want to have incredible images of themselves to be able to look at and say “Damn, I’m HOT!”.

No matter what your reason for seeking a boudoir photoshoot, I am here to celebrate it with you!

After you book your boudoir session, we will plan all of the details of your big day. I will help you pick out flattering wardrobe pieces, we will go over any inspo shots you’re dying to try, and I’ll provide you with a Boudoir Prep Guide. Don’t worry though, I will still be completely available to you to answer any questions you have before your session or to talk you off the ledge when you get nervous and want to cancel. I’ve got your back the entire time!

Professional Boudoir Hair and Make-Up

On the day of your boudoir session, your only job is to show up to my Syracuse Boudoir Studio with whatever wardrobe or lingerie you have chosen with clean, dry hair and skin, ready to be pampered! That’s it!

You’ll spend about an hour or so relaxing and getting pampered by one of my fantastic professional hair and make-up artists. They’re really good at calming nerves too! And who doesn’t like to relax and get their hair and make-up done?

Not into hair and make-up? Would you rather an au naturale look? That’s perfectly fine too! While it’s always nice to be able to sit back and get pampered, it’s not a requirement for an incredible boudoir photography experience.

attractive woman flipping her hair in front of a large window.

The Boudoir Session

After hair and make-up, we get down to business! The next hour or so will be full of music, jokes, and laughing! I want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable and that you have an amazing and fun experience. I will be your personal cheerleader!

I know your biggest fear is that you’re afraid you won’t know what to do or that you usually hate all pictures of yourself. Don’t worry- I got you!

During the entire boudoir photoshoot, not only will I talk you through all of the poses, I will actually demonstrate them to you! I have experience working with and posing all body types. I use light and shadows to create drama and intimacy and to also draw attention to your most amazing features!

side profile of a woman in a red corset with arm tattoos

The Bombshell Boudoir Reveal

This is my favorite part!! This is the part where you finally get to see yourself how the rest of the world sees you. This is the part where you fall in love with yourself.

As soon as our boudoir photoshoot comes to an end (sad face), I will get right to editing your images, and guess what…THEY’LL BE READY THAT DAY!!

After your session, we will break for about an hour to an hour and a half (go grab food, you’ll be hungry!), then you’ll come back to the studio and get to see your amazing images. If you’re tight on time and have to scoot, don’t worry! We can schedule a time for you to come back to the studio, or we can even schedule a zoom reveal.

That means that if your package comes with digital images, you’ll have something right away!! Products take about 3-6 weeks to be delivered from my professional print lab.

Ready to take the first step to seeing yourself in a new light?

This is Beth!

Check out this interview past studio Bombshell, Beth, as she describes her boudoir photoshoot experience with me.

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