Creative Boudoir Photo Ideas

These are NOT your mother’s Glamor Shots. Creative Boudoir Photography takes traditional Boudoir Photo Sessions and kick them up a notch or ten. Are you looking for something that is equal parts crazy, unique and beautiful – Look No Further!

My Creative Boudoir Photo Sessions are unique stand-alone boudoir photoshoots and aren’t considered traditional boudoir photography, but more like boudoir with a twist! I love pushing the envelope and coming up with new and creative ideas. Whether you want to heat things up with a fire painting session, get super cool with Dry Ice Photography, or submerge yourself in an underwater boudoir photo session- I am always down!

Types Of Sessions:

  • Fire Painting: For Fire Painting I often use a fire stick and Steel Wool combined with a longer shutter speed (meaning you have to hold pretty still for like 7 seconds). I always keep a wet towel and a fire extinguisher close by!
  • Light Painting: This is another long shutter speed technique where you hold really still while I wave a light saber around behind you. I can also use other types of lights to paint light on your body.
  • Smoke Bombs: These sessions tend to be the shortest because the smoke bombs only last about a minute each, but the results are absolutely otherworldly! You can pick custom colors too!
  • Blacklight and Bodypainting: I love these sessions but they are definitely super messy!
  • Dry Ice Bath: This is a very challenging type of creative boudoir session. In this type of session, I use a large kiddie pool that you will lay down in. Once we are all set up, I activate the Dry Ice and it creates a beautiful pool of white haze. We have to work fast though because Dry Ice “evaporates” quickly!
  • Underwater: If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. There is something so magical and peaceful about being in the water and it can lead to some stunningly gorgeous images! Don’t worry, we can use the shallow end too. These sessions usually take a bit longer because we take frequent breaks.

Do you have a crazy idea? Let’s Hear it!

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