Past Boudoir Babe, Joelle, Talks About Her Experience at Boudoir By Rae Taryn

As a boudoir photographer, I have seen many reasons women choose to do a boudoir photoshoot. For some, it is about reclaiming confidence in themselves and their bodies after illness, childbirth, divorce, or other major life events. They see the experience as transformative – a chance to appreciate the beauty of the female form regardless of age or perceived “flaws”. Some want to gift the photos to their partners to reignite intimacy and romance. Some Brides-to-be do a bridal boudoir session as a sensual memento of their younger, freer days. Ultimately though, the common thread is that they want to feel admired, desired, and uplifted.

I encourage every woman who has even briefly considered a boudoir photoshoot to take the plunge. Shed your inhibitions and expectations, get glammed up, and let yourself be the subject of an uplifting, artistic photoshoot focused solely on celebrating you, your shape, your spirit. You may surprise yourself with how incredible you feel in front of the camera. The experience stays with you, reminding you of your inner and outer radiance whenever you need a boost of confidence. You deserve to feel that glow.

In this video, Joelle talks about her why and how a boudoir photoshoot gave her back her confidence.

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