Past Boudoir Babe, Sarah, Talks About Her Syracuse Boudoir Photography Experience with Rae Taryn

Sarah talks about some of the things that were holding her back from booking her own shoot and what ultimately made her decide to take the plunge!

Her story is not that much different than many others – so many women tell me that they’re “not ready” to book a boudoir session. They want to lose weight, they want to look one way or the other, they don’t think they can look like the women in the pictures.

I would like to take a quick second and address the Top Three Boudoir Myths that prevent most women from booking a boudoir photography session:

  • ” I Have To Lose Weight First.”
  • No, actually, you don’t have to lose weight first. Boudoir Photography is meant to celebrate your body and your beauty exactly how you are, to show you that you don’t have to live up to some arbitrary standard of beauty. And that last pesky 10 pounds won’t even make a difference!
  • ” I Don’t Have Anyone To Do It For.”
  • Psst…You ARE a “someone special” too you know! Even the women who give boudoir images and albums to a partner end up telling me how amazing the boudoir photoshoot was for their own self-confidence!
  • “I Don’t Want To Be Nude.”
  • Ok! You can be as dressed or undressed as you want! It doesn’t matter if you want to feel beautiful dressed in a gorgeous gown or in your birthday suit, your boudoir outfits can be a complete reflection of you. Boudoir is more than pictures, its a state of being!

So, There you have it. The three biggest excuses- totally busted! Now, let’s get you on the books! If you’re ready to book your session, or if you have a few questions, I’d love to chat! Just click below to schedule your Complimentary Consultation!

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