Boudoir photography is a growing trend as more and more people are realizing it is not only OK but it is abso-fkn-loutely amazing to love yourself! That being said, photographers are catching on to the trend too, so when you Google “Boudoir Photographer Near Me” the list can be a bit intimidating. Like, who do you pick? How do you know who is good and who isn’t?

Without Further Ado, I present to you the 11 Tips on Picking the Right Boudoir Photographer


Look for a photographer that specializes in boudoir. Like I said, photographers everywhere are learning that boudoir photoshoots are being booked at dizzying rates, so everyone is jumping in the boat. There are photographers, however, that have taken extensive training to specialize in the genre of Boudoir. They dedicate their business to making sure they know how to provide a luxury experience and leave you with images that you will be damn proud of. Sure, there are photographers who can shoot all things – weddings, seniors, newborns, real estate and boudoir…but chances are that they have divided their resources and energy between all the things, whereas a dedicated and specialized Boudoir Photographer spends every waking moment thinking about how to make you feel amazing.


Check out their portfolio. There are so many different styles of boudoir from how they are set up to how they are edited. Do you want a classic and romantic look, or do you want something a bit spicier? Do you want alot of props or do you relish in simplicity? Light and Airy, Dark and Moody? As you look through portfolios, chances are something is gonna speak to you. When it does, listen!


Check out their reviews. Bonus if they have testimonials! You want to see what the experience was like for other people. How was their service? Were their products quality? Were they easy to be comfortable around?


Talk to them! Most boudoir photographers love hopping on phone consultations to discuss your vision for the session. A growing number also are happy to text or message. Either way, get to know them. See if they feel like their offerings suit your expectations.


Comfort and Safety. You will get a good idea after you talk or text with them if they help to ease your concerns and make you feel comfortable. Ladies- There are absolutely amazing Male Boudoir Photographers out there and they deserve a chance too, but as always, make sure you feel comfortable and safe with them. If you would prefer a photographer who shares your gender, that’s fine too!


Consider their experience. How long have they been doing Boudoir and even regular photography? Do they shoot solely natural light? Do they shoot solely studio lights? There is no right or wrong here, in fact, a lot of photographers are comfortable using either and can actually make studio strobes and artificial light look natural. One key is their ability to adapt to changing light conditions.


Editing and retouching. Ask them what they do in the post process. Do they simply remove bruises and blemishes and maybe soften skin? Do they do body alteration? It is important to choose a photographer that aligns with you


The elephant in the room…Pricing. There are photographers out there for every budget. But keep in mind, there might be a bit of sticker shock when you first see Boudoir Pricing compared to, say, Christmas Mini sessions. But remember, Boudoir is so much more than just pretty pictures, it is an empowering experience. A lot of photographers offer pre- and post-payment plans to make it a little easier for you! Another point to keep in mind, boudoir photographers, much like hair stylists, often charge more as they years go by and their experience grows. Make sure you do your homework before booking a photographer solely on price- as the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”


Products. Boudoir Photography is a Luxury Service and you deserve to be printed! Whether it is in an heirloom, leatherbound album or hanging proudly on your wall in the form of metal or acrylic wall art. There are a multitude of products that photographers offer, and not all offer the same things. Make sure that the photographer you choose has the items that you want. Even if its just digital images. Some photographers include digital images along with printed images and some offer digital-only packages.


Ancillary Services. Some photographers include complementary Boudoir Hair and Make-Up and others offer it as an add on. While hair and make-up are absolutely not required by any means, its so nice to sit and get pampered. Men- Yes! Even men can have their hair styled and a little make-up applied to help even out skin tones. Speaking of make-up, if you’re not a “Full Glam” make-up kinda person, make sure you tell your photographer! If they give you push back or try to coerce you into something that isn’t a reflection of you, it might be time to look elsewhere.


Nerves are ok! It’s natural to be nervous about spending money on yourself and then getting undressed in front of a stranger with a camera, but make sure you never feel cheated or duped. You should never feel pressured to make a decision or to spend more than you’re comfortable spending.

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