Capturing Inner Beauty with Syracuse Boudoir Photography. Here’s Beth’s Story.

“Rae is truly amazing!! She walked me through everything, answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. In the end, she allowed me to see my own beauty for the first time ever. I can’t thank her enough for creating beautiful boudoir portraits of me! You have a whole different level of self esteem, confidence and self love when you allow yourself the opportunity to see the beauty of you. Rae did that for me!!! Thank you, Rae!” Beth

Letting Your Inner Bombshell Shine with a Professional Boudoir Photography Session- Beth’s Boudoir Experience.

How Did You Find Me?

I went on Google and searched #BoudoirShootsNearMe and then I followed you on Facebook for a little while.

Why Me?  There are a lot of Boudoir Photographers, but what made you pick me?

It was really just the authenticity of your boudoir photos.  They were just the people, there wasn’t a lot of extras added on and that’s what I was looking for was the real me in a picture.  So when I saw some of your boudoir shoots I thought “This is a true person and they just looked beautiful”.  And it wasn’t pushy!  Working with you throughout the whole thing was amazing and I felt wonderful going through the whole process of figuring out if this is what I wanted to do and you made me very comfortable from the beginning.

beautiful woman in black lingerie during her boudoir photography syracuse session.

We did a lot of communication via text, did you find it was more convenient that way?

Absolutely, for me being busy going everywhere all the time and I knew this is what I wanted so being able to connect with you in between everything I was doing made it so convenient to just use the text messaging and to be able to reply back to you when I had a minute and you could reply back to me, it was super easy.  I also think that a lot of times you can ask more personal questions in a text message and you don’t feel so awkward.

Leading up to your session, do you feel like I helped to calm your nerves?

Absolutely!  You made me feel like I was gonna do this #boudoirphotoshoot and maybe secured in me that I COULD do this. You helped me with my #boudoiroutfits and we worked through the timing and you were so easy going.

How did you feel on the day of your #boudoirshoot

My confidence had to start first thing in the morning! I psyched myself up for this.  I was doing it and there was no backing out.  I came straight from work and I found your location, which was easy to find. I walked through those doors and it was so easy and you were so welcoming, I felt like I had known you forever!  I wasn’t as nervous as I though while driving to Syracuse with sweaty palms, but when I got there and met you in person, I felt like I had known you for a really long time, so I thought “this is gonna be so easy for me to feel comfortable.” You made me feel absolutely amazing!

I didn’t know if my pictures were gonna be as good as the ones on your page but it was phenomenal!

Were you sore?

The next day I remember my shoulders being on fire!  But it made me remember what I had just done and the self-confidence came back as I remembered what I just did.  It was empowering to have every ache and pain!

When you came in for your reveal, did you still have that ride of confidence?

I think I am kinda still walking around confident!  In the two weeks between my #boudoirshoot and my #boudoirreveal I walked around with kinda badass power! Like don’t mess with me, I have this self-esteem and confidence that was just overflowing. It was so powerful and exhilarating.

I was nervous to see my photos, what if they weren’t as good as the sneak peek you showed me?  But what If I love them all? What if every single one of those pictures has a different feeling or a different emotion.  And every single one of the photos was a different view of me in a different view of myself I had never seen before.  Some I wanted to cry!  It was amazing!  Every single one of those pictures was the bomb!  Like how was I gonna pick 12 pictures!!!

beautiful woman in pink lingerie in a back lit boudoir photograph.

You did choose to purchase extra images and some wall art.  How do you like the Acrylics?

I love them!  They are nice and heavy and they just shine!  They hung great and have a little bit of a sparkle.  They are on pointe.  The album is so full of the pictures and it captures everything.  Every page is just smooth and silky.  It sits right on my nightstand!

I look at those pictures and I don’t see my scars or surgeries or the damage to my body I’ve done over the years.  Now I can see those scars and they are beautiful.  You didn’t alter those pictures at all, that’s my own #truebeauty.  That is the one thing I loved about that in all of the #boudoirpictures.

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