Jamie Shares The Story Of Her Boudoir Photoshoot

When I asked Jamie to write about her boudoir photoshoot experience with me, she quickly responded with a “YES!” When I first read this it made me so incredibly happy that I was able to be a part of Jamie’s transformation and to help her on her road to self-love. I keep joking that I might secretly be in love with her- she is such an incredible human! Without further ado, here are her words!

What got you interested in boudoir photography?

A few of my friends have done it. And I definitely was intrigued to do it myself.

What finally made you take the leap and book your session?

I’ve been married going on 5 years, but together 10. I wanted to do something special for our anniversary.

How did you feel walking into the studio on the day of your session?

 I felt just a tad bit nervous. But wasn’t in my own head about it. It also helped I know Kaylee and shooting the shit while she did hair & makeup made me more comfortable with you.

How did you feel after the session, but before your reveal?

I felt great and honestly wanted to go home and rock my husband’s world! But I was dying to see how the pictures turned out.

How did you feel during your reveal?  Were there any insecurities or worries you had about doing a session that I helped you get over?

I was insecure about my mom belly (4 c-sections) and the fact I have little tits. You made me feel AMAZING!I was amazed at what I saw through your eyes. I told my husband I finally see what you see. And I’m hot af for just shy of 40 and 4 kids with my youngest being 22 months. And my last 3 all being within 4 years.

What would you say to someone who was on the fence about booking their own boudoir photoshoot?

DO IT! It seriously is the most empowering thing I’ve done! I feel great about myself now and I definitely think it’s helped with the sex. I’m more confident with my looks. Just do it, remember you want to go with someone who specializes in it. Because you knowing your shit, made me feel amazing that my pictures aren’t photoshopped.

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