I discovered Boudoir Photography about 6 months after I decided to pursue photography as a career. Even though I had been a passionate hobbyist for 20-something years, I never actually heard of boudoir photography until my best friend started talking to me about it. Shortly thereafter, she flew me to Florida and I shot my very first boudoir photo session.

I instantly fell in love with boudoir photography because I loved that I can show anyone who walked in front of my camera a side of themselves they either never knew existed, or had long forgotten. I can help people see past curves and stretch marks and I show them that they really CAN love pictures of themselves.

One of my most emotional and memorable shoots was Ms. J. She booked a session with me and I could immediately sense her nerves. I could immediately sense her insecurities.

On the day of Ms.J’s session, she was a ball of nerves. As soon as she sat down for hair and make-up, she started tearing up! She said she was just so nervous and so afraid that she wasn’t going to like herself.

(hold my beer)

We managed to get through hair and make-up with minimal tears, and then the fun. We got her in her first outfit and I showed her the pose I wanted her to do, and then the next one and the next one. I always show my clients back-of-camera images from time to time. With every one I showed her she smiled bigger and bigger. She absolutely slayed her session! She nailed each pose and everything came together so beautifully!

The Reveal

Ms. J and I met back up again a week or so after her shoot so I can show her her absolutely jaw-dropping, drop-dead-gorgeous images. Again, walking in I could tell she was still a ball of nerves. So we sat down on the couch, I opened the computer and within like 3 pictures she was CRYING!

These weren’t sad tears. These were tears that you shed when you finally get to see yourself without the crud that society clouds your lens with. These are the tears you shed when you can finally accept that you are, in fact, FREAKING BEAUTIFUL- and you believe it! These are the tears that solidify that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do- help people to become their own definition of beautiful and see themselves in a different and much kinder way. To help people fall in love with themselves!

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